Explore Emberà Indian Village in Panama with VILLA MICHELLE. The Emberà Indians are located in Rio Chagres National Park and Lago Alajuela, artificial lake created to supply permanent water to the Panama Canal and in addition supplies from water to the city of Panama and Colon.

In this tour can see their life, music, traditions, clothing, and arts and crafts.  

In Panama between the own native cultures of this small and narrow isthmus, is the culture Emberá, old Chocoe. This culture, is original of the Forest of the Darién and plus the Emberá, that has its ancestral origins, in Chocó, Department of Colombia.

It is a magnificent place, the crystalline waters of the river, cause to send itself from the canoes in movement, the food, a delicious portion of fish fried with patacones, served in banana leaf (banana). Their dances, their clothes, their form of life, are a song to the preservation of their traditions and customs.

The ethnic group will emberá are the best craftsmen to carve the wood cocobolo, where they make wild figures of birds and animal, indicating her love by the nature. Thus also the vegetal ivory palm or seed works with figures of birds, mammals and serpents.

The women of emberá work with the palm chunga, the most beautiful baskets with workings of flowers and animal using only natural colors, besides making other crafts like chaquiras, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and masks, that serve as adornment in any occasion.

If we want to learn of botany she wills emberá, them, have a botanist with an ample good knowledge of the medicinal plants that exist in their surroundings.

Their dances invite to us to dance and are allusive to the animal that live in the forest and which they chaman or the doctor who cures through the spirits, uses like medicine to cure the diseases.

The route begins around the 7:45 a.m. when they happen to gather it in his hotel. They handle around one hour to the incline of the boat and donates we mounted in a canoe and we continued crossing the river above by about 45 minutes until we arrived at the village, where they are received by the folk music and time will occur them to explore the village and to take photos.

We go in one short long walk by the forest to learn on medicinal plants that the tribe uses. Then, to its arrival in the town, we are eating a traditional lunch of fish or chicken and patacones (bananas). Then one occurs an explanation of its culture, crafts us and how they live and we listened to more music and we see some traditional dances.

Later we have a time purchases to acquire some crafts and to return to the canoe to down go river and from return to its hotel at 4 or 5pm.

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