Sovereignty National Park (PARQUE NACIONAL SOBERANIA) in the Republic of Panama includes the province of Panama and Colon, within the watershed of the Panama Canal.

Located near the banks of the Panama Canal, with an area of 22,104 hectares (55,000 acres) of tropical rainforest and only 30 minutes from Panama City and 40 from Columbus, this park is the habitat of more than 1,300 plants and 100 animals.

The attractions of the Natural Park Sovereignty:
1. Trail called "El Charco" for those who like being outdoors, practice ecotourism, nature, or enjoy a swim in a natural oasis. These facilities dating from the 40s has been renovated to nationals and tourists can enjoy the fauna and flora that are in the vicinity of the Panama Canal.
2. Pipeline Road o Camino del Oleoducto: key place worldwide for bird watching. Traverse it all is not easy because it is 16.5 kilometers and 16.5 kilometers way back. During the trip the tourist must cross several rivers, which are another attractive way. The first part of the road is moderate hills but the second part is hills of consideration, and need to be in good physical condition. The road was built during World War II by American soldiers. The purpose was to maintain a planned pipeline to carry oil which, in case of bombing the Panama Canal. In the park live 105 species of mammals (to name a few deer, agouti, monkey, and raccoon, cat only, jaguar), 79 species of reptiles, 55 species of amphibians and 31 species of freshwater fish. At the entrance road is a environmental education center Panama Rainforest Discovery Center. The center has a trail system on land and raised platforms in the tops of the trees so that visitors can enjoy close contact with nature. For example observe up close the hummingbird's aerial acrobatics.
3. Road Planting o Camino de Plantacion: Plantation Trail is within the National Sovereignty Park, just 20 minutes from Panama City. It offers a pleasant and comfortable walk inside the National Park rainforest Sovereignty. Visitors can observe tropical flora and fauna, there are some stops with descriptions of natural phenomena. It is also possible to observe several species of birds, howler monkeys, sloth and armadillo. During construction of the Panama Canal was built a better way of 4.8. Kilometers between the towns of Empire to the Plantation Falls. This was the first paved road in the interior of Panama. This trail is the remnant of Plantation Road and along the same can still find remnants of cocoa, rubber trees and coffee plants. Duration: 3 to 4 hours.
4. Camino de Cruces: is an excellent choice for all fans of history, nature and outdoor exercise. The walk along this trail is a wonderful combination of all these elements. The trail is located along the east bank of the Panama Canal 25 kilometers from Panama City. The trail follows the historic route from Camino de Cruces Madden road to the former settlement of Camino de Cruces. The total distance is 10 miles then 20 miles round trip. To go all the way (round trip) requires approximately 10 hours. The landscape is hilly with mountains and hills.
5. Summit Park: Created in 1923 by the former Panama Canal Company, as the Summit experimental farm to test the adaptation of plant species from around the world to the tropical climate of Panama. The park is located on the banks of the Panama Canal between the villages Paraíso and Gamboa. It is a botanical and zoological garden of 250 hectares total. The botanical garden includes a representation of plant species from tropical and subtropical countries worldwide, as well as species native to Panama. The zoo now has more than 300 animals. One attraction of the zoo is the Harpy Eagle, Panama's national bird. Its center interactive allows visitors to learn about aspects of their biology, habitat, breeding habits. Visitors can walk along park trails and see the collection of animals and plants.

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