VILLA MICHELLE can take you to the Miraflores Locks of PANAMA CANAL, then see the historic neighborhood of Casco Antiguo (Colonial City) and enjoy the structure of the colonial monuments.  We'll make a stop on the Cause Way of the Panama Bay and admire the city with a panoramic view.
Experience with VILLA MICHELLE a fully one of the seven wonders of world, cross from one ocean to another, and bear witness to one of the great engineering marvels of the Twentieth Century: PANAMA CANAL and THE MUSEUM OF THE PANAMA CANAL.

Another way to explore the PANAMA CANAL is a complete transit of the Panama canal from the Pacific port of the Panama Canal and ends at an Atlantic port of the Panama Canal. At that point, return to the Pacific port is by bus. A complete transit usually takes about 10 hours.

Other PANAMA CANAL TOUR is partial transit begin at Pacific port and is usually completed by noon at Gamboa where return is by bus to the Pacific port.

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